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The Education of a Programmer

In a previous post, Picking Your Next Programming Language, I discussed my plans to begin learning a new programming language. Now it’s time for the big reveal: Scheme.

I picked Scheme for a variety of reasons: I don’t know any functional languages, I don’t know any LISP dialects, etc. By far the most important reason, though, is that it is the language used in SICP, and that’s the textbook for CS 6.001 - Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs at MIT. I’ll be posting periodic progress updates and interesting tidbits as I work through the material available through the incredible OCW program.

Since there is more to being a programmer than the computer languages you know, I’ll also be working through the course material for 21F.101 / 21F.151 Chinese I. If I can figure out how to make Blogger work with Chinese characters, I’ll post progress updates as I work through this class as well.

Back to flipping out…