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G-Client and Special Sauce

I’m posting this from the friendly confines of G-Client, a suite of emacs clients for accessing Google Services. It’s quite nifty, although you should pay attention to the comments if you are using it independently of its parent project, emacspeak; there is a gotcha with the stand-alone package, although I hear it has been resolved with the latest in svn.

Actually, ignore that last paragraph. I wrote this post 4 times in G-Client, and never once managed to post it successfully. Once, I made the mistake of saving a draft version, and emacs switched modes on me. The other three times, I finished writing and used C-c C-c to (supposedly) submit the post for publication, but emacs seemed to just spin out into infinity or something. So combining the fact that the distributed tarball didn’t work out of the box with the fact that even after I fixed that problem the editing and submission process is flaky, I can’t recommend G-Client to anyone right now. The idea is fascinating, though, so I’ll continue to follow developments, and if it does work out, I’ll be sure to let you know. Until then, it looks like it’s back to FF + It’s All Text! for now.

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