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Notes From PyATL 2013-12-12


Database Versioning with Alembic (Ryan )

Xpresser: GUI automation “the easy way”

  • XPresser is a tool for GUI automation
  • Wow, they have to use computer vision (SimpleCV, built on top of OpenCV) to test some things.
  • How is it translating those strings into what it sees? Enquiring minds want to know.
  • Some sort of data setup (the answer to the above question).
  • Huh. It’s effectively Ubuntu-only due to accuracy concerns. Wonder what the story is behind that.

Faces: Project Management with Python (Andy Henshaw)

  • What the… ? Faces lets you do project management by writing Python? Can I have a PM that uses this?
  • Seems fairly straightforward.
  • …and development is totally stalled. Abandoned since 2007.

Using Python to Break Simple Cryptograms (John)

  • I kinda hope he shows us a GitHub repo at the end of all this, because I’d like to actually see this in action.
  • Go play with the Practical Cryptography site (see his slides when published)

Curling (Bill)

  • Intro URL stuff