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Notes From PyATL 2011-04-14

Introducing subprocessing

  • Unsurprisingly, it’s easier to just use a lot of shell utilities rather than the portable alternatives, but it kind of defeats a common purpose of doing it in Python.

Closures in Python

  • This guy is a good presenter.
  • The nonlocal keyword is new to Python 3, and I can see how it would be useful for the FP advocates that always complain about Python (it allows you to mutate function-scoped variables that have been captured by your closure).

Public Service Announcement from WRFG

  • This sounds like Jacob’s cup of tea.
  • They’re basically looking for tech volunteers.
  • 89.3 FM ?

Faster Database Access: An End-Run Around the Django ORM

  • A Brief History of Databases
  • Is this going to be about the new (relatively) raw SQL feature?
  • Looks like it might be about select_related. Oops, the example misled me: select_related didn’t fit Brandon’s actual problem.
  • Aha! It is about .raw!

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