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Notes From PyATL 2011-06-09

The State of Python Packaging (Kelsey Hightower)

  • I just won $20 by naming off pretty much all of the Python packaging tools he mentioned.
  • I wonder how nice bento is. I’ve heard about it before, and since it’s from the guys behing NumPy it probably has an interesting take on things.
  • PyPM sounds like the bee’s knees for Windows.
  • Once again, this guy brings the heat for his presentation.
  • Holy cow! There are a lot of PEPs driving this: PEP-345 (Metadata for Python Software Packages 1.2), PEP-376 (database of installed Python distributions), PEP-386 (changing the version comparison in distutils), PEP-381 (mirroring for PyPI), PEP-390 (static metadata), PEP-396 (module version numbers).
  • pysetup is going to be a more end-user-oriented alternative to pip, and it will be in the std lib.

Talk about names and values in Python (Brandon Rhodes)

  • The material is mostly review, but is well presented (no surprise there, since Brandon is an excellent presenter).
  • The point about function/class definitions creating a name is well-taken.

Exceptions! in Python (Sim Harbert)

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