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Notes From PyATL 2013-03-14

Things are going to be short tonight, because a lot of people (especially common presenters) are off at PyCon.

Using PyInstaller (Sim Harbert)

  • Important Note: It just packages up a Python script, it doesn’t create an installer. (It’s like py2exe?)
  • Available as a gzip’d tarball, not sure if they have a full-blown installer option or an install-from-Cheeseshop option
  • Gets all fancy: don’t spew output into a terminal if it’s a GUI app, provide an icon, etc.
  • I hadn’t thought about this, but: Python is a hell of a shell script if you’re stranded on Windows

Continuous Integration in the Cloud (me)

You’ll have to find a video :-)

Iteration in Python with itertools (Doug Hellmann wrote it, Sim gave it)