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Hi. I’m Hank. I’ve been a software developer for about 14 years now. I’m married and have two beautiful daughters, and I spend most of my free time with them. I’m also a fan of the Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Falcons, the Chicago Blackhawks (this is legit—I legally adopted them after the Thrashers left town, NOT immediately after they won the Cup), and Georgia Tech teams of all stripes. My blog and any any open source projects I’m interested in tend to see activity in rare spurts when I have the time and motivation to work on them.

For the past 7 years, I’ve been working on a Software as a Service offering that is currently owned by IBM.

About This Site

This site is built using Octopress and hosted on GitHub Pages. Anything I write on this site is in no way a representation of my employer.

Why the lame “flipping out” jokes?

When I first started blogging, I had just introduced one of my friends (and manager at the time) to the classic Real Ultimate Power. Since he was primarily responsible for me deciding to get off my duff and actually start a blog, and he found that site inordinately funny, I started the site with a ninja theme as an homage. Lots of ninja references, that sort of thing. Rather than edit history to remove all evidence of my lameness, I’ve kept it around, though you’ll notice the references aren’t nearly so common anymore.

About My Open Source Projects

I use FOSS projects every day. Since I get so much benefit from FOSS, I generally open-source any side projects, utility scripts, etc. that I write.

Where You Can See Me Around The Web

I lurk in a few other places, too.