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Notes From PyATL 2012-04-12

Making Music w/ Python and Beatbox (Drew Smathers)

  • Some pretty cool MIDI info in here.
  • BeatLounge looks pretty cool, but it seems a bit low-level if your goal is to make music. I bet they write some abstractions on top of it when they’re using it themselves.
  • Not really aimed at live coding.
  • Loading soundfonts is expensive, so load them before you start flexing your musical.
  • Big emphasis on arpeggiators. I think I’d need to hear this in action to understand what exactly this means.
  • Sweet, you can implement paradiddles.

Build Automation with Jenkins (Russell Myers)

  • Why CI? The standard reasons.
  • Jenkins is awesome because it gives you a GUI (even if it is fugly) to control all the things you used to have to hack XML files to manage in CruiseControl.
  • Sadly, git support is not baked in.
  • Hehe, the CI game.
  • Sweet! There’s a plugin to push your Jenkins config into source control.

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