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Notes From PyATL 2012-05-10


  • HireIQ ( is recruiting (and buying people beer).
  • SoccerMetrics is doing sports analytics and webapps; this sounds pretty frickin’ cool. Built using Flask right now, would be open to Django.
  • A consultancy/recruiting firm, whose name escapes me.

Integrating Twitter Bootstrap with Django to control your CSS - Alex Milstead

  • Started off on Blueprint, but migrated to Bootstrap.
  • Makes interaction between dev/design easier; helped HireIQ because their designer was not a full-time guy (I assume contractor).
  • They ship a Makefile
  • Hey, there’s a django-pipeline project.
  • HireIQ is using django-compressor, btw. This is probably where the integration magic happens, since Alex is acting like the Makefile isn’t the most dev-friendly thing ever.
  • They are on 1.something (1.4?) and they aren’t sure it’s worth it to go to 2.x

Poplib - Bill Soukup

  • Using it to parse emails from some OCD client.

virtualenvwrapper - Doug Hellman

Door Prizes Using the Meetup API - Rick Copeland

  • I might win a free book!
  • Nice demonstration of the pdb.set_trace() trick.
  • I did not win. I has a sad :-(

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