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Notes From PyATL 2012-06-14


  • Rick is looking for beta testers for his MongoDB+Python training
  • Tom’s Folly is closing, so the code jam sessions need a new home

Web2Py - Cliff Kachinske

  • It was easy for him to get productive coming from a PHP background.
  • Out of the box protection against OWASP’s top 10 vulnerability list.
  • Lots of resources.
  • Since I’m already involved in Django and Flask, I’m not seeing anything that blows me out of the water for web2py.
  • Basically, he says the magic (all the extra stuff it auto-imports) is OK by him, so he’s utterly unconcerned by the major criticism of web2py.
  • They have good taste in defaults, at least for the DB: sqlite
  • DB definition stuff appears to be a series of function calls, rather than class definitions or some DSL.
  • I like his way of phrasing MVP: first payment milestone.

MVC Concepts - Jay Kelkar

  • Basic overview of the concepts: not much new.
  • I like his take on the definition of MVC: If you have 3 people in the room, you have 4 definitions.

Django vs. web2py (an MVC perspective)

  • web2py tries to use the MVC terminology
  • Django doesn’t even claim to be MVC (though it is often categorised as one); it claims to be MVT.

virtualenvwrapper - Doug Hellman

  • Quick overview of virtualenv
  • virtualenvwrapper enforces consistency
  • I <3 Doug.
  • I need some of this “temporary environment” action

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