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Notes From PyATL 2012-12-13

Analyze This! (John Hackett)

### Simple Calculator Applications Using and Google App Engine

Lots of introductory material explaining how analytics works, some of the problems you need to solve to make it work, etc.

Google App Engine (GAE) is a Platform as a Service (PaaS).


  • You can get started for free.
  • You get to run on Google’s infrastructure.


You run on Google’s infrastructure:

  • You get BigTable, and (this is apparently new) some sort of MySQL in the cloud thing. No traditional RDBMS.
  • Short-lived requests; they will kill your request if you take more than 60 seconds or so. They have at least added something called a “back-end instance” that works around this, at the expense of the auto-scaling feature.
  • No writes to the filesystem.
  • No arbitrary access, e.g., FTP.
  • You’re pretty tied to GAE.

How did we do last month? ()

### or Fun with, timedelta ### or dateutil to the rescue

Ever start trying to do something useful with dates in Python? It sucked, huh. Time to write some boilerplate code! But wait! Surely Someone Has Already Solved This (SSHAST). Enter dateutil.

Awesome fun things in dateutil:

They also handle recurrence rules, timezone stuff, etc.

Flake8 (Alfredo Doza)

I missed the beginning of this one. I was confused about having a break :-(

Some background about why automated linters rock (preaching to the choir; I love it).

Tarek Ziade wrote Flake8 to combine pep-8 analysis and pyflakes analysis, but it’s blocking.

khuno.vim (by Alfredo) is non-blocking.

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